missing child


Missing Child Kenya is a nonprofit that coordinates a free service for search, trace and reunification of missing, displaced, lost & found children. We operate the only toll free help line in Kenya 0800 22 33 44 dedicated to respond to the emergency needs of missing, lost and found/ displaced children but also provide links to support services.

0800 22 33 44 is free of charge to the public but Missing Child Kenya shoulders the call charges. Please support our efforts by helping us meet our monthly call charge fee of KES 20,000 which is set to increase as we create more awareness about our service and reach out to more Kenyans.

Child helplines have become even more important to children in these times. We have noticed huge surges in the number of calls, texts and messages of children calling for help.

We have been working tirelessly to ensure our services can remain FREE and OPERATIONAL and withstand the increased need. We are hearing the voices of children in need, right now and taking action to ensure that children are getting the help and protection they need. With your donation, you can help us keep our helpline available for Missing Children and their Families.
To Support our work, donate here https://www.mchanga.africa/fundraiser/13138

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